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A Few Reasons Why People Choose Us.

We repair a lot of appliances. Here are some reasons people trust us.

3 Top Reasons We Are The Best Choice:

  1. Experience. Experience. Experience.
  2. We've repaired thousands of appliances; oftentimes better than new!
  3. We Are The Experts In Dominion
  4. We've repaired it all, it seems, and stand behind each of our repairs.
  5. Paula's AAA Appliance Repair Is Rated "5 Stars"
  6. You, our customers, trust us. Thank You!

We Really Have Repaired Thousands Of Appliances

The key to proper appliance repair is simply experience.

Paula's AAA Appliance Repair has been fixing appliances for 6 years.

Even before then, our lead tech was a mechanic and he understands machines!

Our Technicians Have The Parts & Tools

We Perform Same Day Repairs On Most Appliances!

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Heather Scott

Dominion, TX

Date: Nov 15, 2017
My Sub-zero went down and they walked me through what needed to be done. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Everything was fixed in a timely manner and best part: stayed fixed!!! If anything breaks down they're going to be my first call.


San Antonio, TX

Date: Oct 18, 2017
Excellent services, technician Daniel was very knowledgeable, went above and beyond to repair my fridge in less then 2 hours. Phenomenal customer service, same day scheduling, great affordable prices and I would recommend this company to anyone.

Colton Rankin

San Antonio, TX

Date: Sep 20, 2017
Would highly recommend! I was honestly impressed by the overall service. Definitely will use again in the future. My sub zero is working like a charm. Same day repair and service.

Our Expert Techs Stand Ready.

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Who We Are. Where We Are Going. Where We've Been.

Our (Short!) Story

Have you ever been in a company that had no career ladder? That's where we were a couple of years ago, y'all.

We were looking for a way up, but there wasn't one! Instead, we were having dinner with a friend who suggested we apprentice with him as appliance repair techs. He was one and had been pretty successful at it.

So we did and we found out that we (Paula and Ken) really loved working on appliances!

Fast forward a few years and we all saw how much need there was for a good, reputable appliance repair company here in San Antonio. Although we loved working with our friend, it was time to move on, so we decided to create our own business.

Now we've become busy enough that we hire guys to help with the work load!

Today, we are a top-notch appliance repair and service company in San Antonio. We fix hundreds or even thousands of appliances every year.

On top of it all, we still try (and succeed) to leave our customers feeling happy and impressed with our company.

And we still love repairing appliances. Funny how that works, isn't it?

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