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Job Details

Location of Job: The Dominion, San Antonio
When: May 11, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Washing Machine Repair
Brief Explanation

We were called about an LG front loading washing machine repair in the Dominion that had been leaking on the floor, plus keeping the clothes from actually getting cleaned properly.

Front-loaders are typically reliable and steady when it comes to these things so we definitely needed a look inside the machine to see what was going on. We arrived at the house and started our diagnosis.

When we diagnose appliance repairs we really dig into the machine and check everything from the computer control boards to the nuts and bolts holding the machine together. As we checked the hoses and the dispensing line we noticed telltale cracks in the rubber and loose connections all around.

When Washing Machines Need Repair.

This may have been the result of poor manufacture, or it may have been because the parts just wear out over time or even because the machine had been moved and jarred incorrectly in its past. Regardless, the solution was clear. We needed to clean up the dispenser and replace some of the pump and hoses.

We got to work quickly and, because we had these parts on hand, we were able to repair this LG washer within an hour.

We do this all the time and are ready to fix your washer, your dryer or any other major appliance in your home, too. Just give us a call and let's see what we can do for you!

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Everything went great. I appreciate his fast and professional service. You can't go wrong with using this appliance repair company. Fast and reliable. ~ Garret M - Conyers, GA

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