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Location of Job: Dominion, TX
When: Aug 3, 2017
Service Category: Residential
Services Performed: Sub Zero Refrigerator Repaired
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Brief Explanation

We really rely on refrigerators in this day and age. They keep our food cool, keeping contaminants away from us. They are handy for storage and can even be a really expensive nightlight!

When they break down, so do we, unfortunately.

That's why Paula's AAA Appliance Repair really pays attention to someone who's fridge has broken down and we take pains to get out there on the same day to make it right again.

We Repair Sub Zero Refrigerators

We dispatched one of our most talented techs to this customer's home. Ken immediately diagnosed the Sub Zero refrigerator. This inspection brought to light several problems.

The customer had complained that the fridge was having a hard time keeping food cool. Well, no wonder. The fridge had five major components fail (or were failing) all at once! A leak caused multiple problems that required the replacement of every one of these components.

We replace the compressor, the freezer evaporator, the heat exchanger & accumulator during this Sub Zero refrigerator repair. We also sealed up the system leak so it won't cause any more problems.

We repaired this Sub Zero and it will last for many more years. This, of course, made the customer extremely happy. That is your neighbor whom we served, we can do the same for your refrigerator or any other appliance.

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The Dominion, TX
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Everything went great. I appreciate his fast and professional service. You can't go wrong with using this appliance repair company. Fast and reliable. ~ Garret M - Conyers, GA

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